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GPS Tracker for Motorcycle, electrombile and cars KS199G

Type : KS199G

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Description :

1.Product Brief:

Based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS, KS199G is a highly modular design tracking and positioning product. It executes remote positioning and monitoring for target through mobile phone SMS or Internet platform, also has the functions of ACC testing, mileage statistics, remote oil cut off, remote power cut off, vibration detection and so on, can notify the vehicle manager of the vehicle condition through SMS or platform.

This product is 9-80V wide voltage design, also supports 9-100V voltage customization, support many communicating protocol, support special program customization, and support remote upgrade. It is a powerful and reliable tracking product. 

2.Product Function:

1)Positioning and tracking: to execute the positioning and tracing by the platform or the mobile phone, to get the tracker’s operating state. 

2)Movement alarm: You can start the movement alarm function by sending SMS (from mobile phone) to the tracker . When the vehicle moves, a alarm SMS will be sent to the administrator; 

3)Over-speed alarm: You can start the alarm function by sending SMS (from mobile phone) to the tracker. When the vehicle speed is over the setting speed, the device will send a alarm SMS to the administrator;

4)Geo-fence: You can start the Geo-fence function by sending the SMS (from mobile phone) to the tracker. If the vehicle drives out of the setting geographical scope , a alarm SMS will be sent to the administrator;  

5)Obtain longitude and latitude by mobile phone: you can obtain this position data of the vehicle installed this tracker by your mobile phone;

6)Remote restart system: can restart the tracker by sending SMS(by mobile phone) to the device;

7)Set the positioning interval: can set the data transmission interval (from terminal device to the platform) by the mobile phone. You can also set the transmission interval by the platform, depending on whether the platform supports this function.

8)Mileage statistics function;

9)ACC detection function;

10)Power failure alarm;

11)Remote power cut-off and oil cut-off  (need add relays);

12)Can modify the IP and port;

13)Supports customization. 

3.Application Field:

1)Rental management and small fleet management of vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles;

2)Global satellite positioning, vehicle position checking, real-time monitoring and real-time tracking;

3)For vehicle's commanding and dispatching system of all kinds of industry .

4.Technical Parameter



Overall Size

84mm *44mm *13.5mm

Host N.W.








GPS Module


GPS Sensitivity


GPS Accuracy

5 meters

Data Transmission Mode


Position Checking Way

Mobile phone or Platform

Working Voltage


Standby Current


Standby Battery

3.7V / 150mAh

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Working Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Operating Humidity




Q:Can I order a sample before quantity order? And what's the deliver Time of sample order?

A:Yes, sure.Our company accept sample order before large order. As normal. We have enough stocks for each model.so we will send the sample order within 2 working days.


Q:How many days will arrive to your country?

A:Based on our experience,by express,as normal it takes about 2-5 days to USA,Asia,European,3-7 days to South America,Africa ect.


Q:How about the warranty?

A:1 year,except accessories 

If client break it by himself,it’s out of our warranty.

When you found there is a problem with the products,pls inform us,if we could slove it with some ideas or software,we could help you to do that;If client can’t repair it there,we suggest send them back,we will repair or replace new one and send them together in next order.


Our Services:

1.Service standards: we are committed to providing a high quality,and responsive services to all clients

2.The fastest reply: detailed information, specific model and price of products will be provided quickly after receiving your inquiry.

3.Quality assurance: good quality is assured by advanced manufacturing technology. And all products will be checked by our quality-control manager.

4.Excellent package: each unit has individual box and all boxes are packed in standard packages.5.OEM available



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