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Fixed Highest Value Vehicle Speed Limiter

Type :

price : 0.00

Description : adopts intelligent STC chip, with high control precision, stable and reliable,

1. Product Brief:

  The vehicle speed limiter KS100F is a vehicle terminal device can make accurate and intelligent vehicle speed Limiting. It can judge the vehicle speed by vehicle pulse speed data and GPS speed data precisely, and control the vehicle speed by intervening the throttle valve opening size.The user can set the speed limit value through the external digital display controller . 

  The product adopts intelligent STC chip, with high control precision, stable and reliable, will not affect the starting throttle, not affect the dynamic torque, only limit the maximum speed of the vehicle, control the throttle valve but will not lead to stalling, can ensure the throttle pedal can move freely in the allowable speed zone. It is a powerful and efficient intelligent vehicle safety products.

2. Product Function:

1) Fixed maximum speed limiting: Set a maximum speed according to the actual needs of vehicles. For example: if you require the vehicle speed does not exceed 60Km/h (or other appointed speed), the product will strictly control the vehicle speed does not exceed 60 Km/h (or other appointed speed) ;

2) GPS speed data collection data collection ;

3) Vehicle pulse speed ;

4) Digital display controller adjustment.


3. Application Field:

1) For large vehicle management and dispatching system ;

2) Monitoring and management for engineering truck ;

3) For dangerous goods transport vehicle management ;

4) For tour bus and passenger car management ;

5) For logistics vehicle monitoring and management ;

6) For tank truck monitoring and management.


4. Technical Parameters:



Overall Size

20.0 X 9.2 X 4.5 CM

Host Net Weight

0.4 KG

Processing chip


Speed Limiting Zone

20-200 Km/H

Speed Limiting Deviation


Mechanical Bearing Capacity


Working Voltage

9-36 V

Rated Power Consumption

<0.3 W

Working Current

<60 mA

Working Temperature

-40 to +85

Operating Humidity 

20% -- 90%



The Mechanical throttle ( cable-drawing type ) Vehicle Speed Limiter

The Electronic throttle ( EFI ) Vehicle Speed Limiter 

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