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Wireless Super Long Standby Vehicle GPS Tracker KS1998

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Description :

1. Product Brief:

    KS1998 is a super long standby vehicle GPS tracker. The product is smart and light, wireless design make it no need any connection, can achieve very high  hidden installation. The product has super long standby function, has excellent application in the financial industry related vehicles and other fields .

   The product adopts one-time battery, not rechargeable. Under normal circumstances, the device is power off. when arrive at the prior set data sending time , the device will automatically wake up, it will start GPS positioning and upload the positioning data to the server. The device supports base station positioning, can obtain the local base station signal when loses the GPS signals , thus gets the approximate position information of the device.

2. Function & Feature
1. Can modify the data reporting time interval flexibly, by SMS , GPRS, data wire and so on. The data reporting time interval mode can only be modified after the device wake up.
2. Can wake up the device by pressing a button, easy to install and debug.
3. Can choose a strong magnetic accessory (optional), by which the device will be adsorbed onto the vehicle body.
4. High water-proof: IP67 waterproof design,prevent the water effectively.

5. Super long life battery: Adopt one-time battery of military supplies, ensure that the equipment can be used for a long time.

Working Life

15 days

4 Months

14 Months




Time Interval

5 Minutes / times

1Hours / times

6Hours / times

12Hours / times

24 Hours / times

Above data is got form the test of specific environment. It will be some deviation in some different working conditions.

3. Application Field:

1) Leasing company use;

2) Vehicle anti-theft management;

3) Mortgage vehicle management;

4) Valuable goods transportation management;

5) Container leasing management;

6) Special goods and vehicle monitoring.

4. Technical Parameters:



GSM Module


GPS Chip


GPS Sensitivity


GPS Positioning Accuracy

3 – 30 meters

Overall Size

83* 58 * 34(mm)

Net Weight


Working Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Operating Humidity

5 - 95% RH

Working Voltage

DC 3.6V

Working Current


Working Current


Standby Current


GSM Module: SIM800C
GPS Chip: MT3337
GPS Sensitivity: -160dBm
GPS Positioning accuracy: 3 - 30 meters
Overall Size:83* 58 * 34 (mm)
Net Weight:0.16KG
Working Temperature: -20 C to +70 C
Storage Temperature: -40 C to +85 C
Operating Humidity: 5 - 95% RH
Working Voltage: 3.6V DC
Battery Capacity: 6600mAh
Working Current: 30mA
Standby Current: 2uA

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