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Vehicle Speed Limiter Ⅱ KS100A-2GF

Type : KS100A-2G

price : 0.00

Description :

1. Product Brief:

    Vehicle speed limiter KS100A-2G is a vehicle terminal equipment which integrates cloud computing, cloud services, local maps and other technologies to realize precise intelligent vehicle speed control. It combines the Internet, the platform server, the vehicle terminal system perfectly, to reduce the accident rate by the flexible speed limit mode , and provides a nice use experience for the drivers. It is not only a speed limiter, but also a GPS Tracker.

   The product adopts ARM intelligent chip, speed control precision is very high , and the performance is reliable. It will not affect the big throttle start nor the power torque, stable and reliable; Only limit the maximum speed, the vehicle will not stall during speed limiting, and ensure the throttle pedal free movement in the right speed range.

   KS100A-2G reserves a wealth of interface, can work together with a variety of external equipment, with high compatibility and performance.

2. Product Function: 

1) Fixed maximum speed limiting

Set a maximum driving speed according to the actual needs. For example: if you require the vehicle speed does not exceed 60Km/h (or other appointed speed), the product will strictly control the vehicle speed does not exceed 60 Km/h (or other appointed speed) ;    

2)Two speed limiting mode optional 

For example, for muck car, you can set two kinds of speed limiting mode. When the car door is not closed, the highest speed value is 20 KM/H, when the vehicles door are closed, and driving on the road normally , the highest speed value is 80KM/H. Of course, this set need to add accessories, such as magnetic sensor.

3)  Vehicle pulse speed detection 

After connect the speed signal line of the limiter to the original vehicle speed signal line, the Limiter can get the precise vehicle speed by this way, and control the maximum vehicle driving speed precisely .

4)  GPS speed data collection

In the actual installation, sometimes the original vehicle speed signal line is difficult to find out, or the connection will cause some other questions. then, this limiter can obtain the vehicle speed through the GPS. By the actual driving test, the technical calibrate the limiter's speed data, The maximum speed control can be precise.

5)  Digital display controller adjustment

Products can be configured with a digital display controller (optional). Users can read the vehicle's real time driving speed from this controller, and set or change the speed limiting value through the controller.

For example, you change the speed limit from 70 Km/H to 80 Km/H or other value. At the same time, the user can adjust the vehicle pulse coefficient by this controller, so as to make the limiter setting more in line with the vehicle condition, make the speed limiting more precise!

6)Other extension functions:

a)GPS tracker function;

b)Intelligent ACC detection;

c)One channel high input detection, one channel low input detection;

d)One channel power-off control output, one channel oil-off control output;

e)Three channels of analog input. One is used for fuel consumption data detection, another is used for the ordinary analog voltage detection, the third one is for standby;

f)One channel RS232 defining interface; 

g)One channel RS232/RS458 compatible interface;

h)The (G-SENSOR) acceleration sensor interface reserved,  can open for some customer need.

3. Application Field:

1)Vehicle Commanding and Dispatching System;

2)Heavy Construction Vehicles Tracking Device;

3)Dangerous goods transportation;

4)Passenger Car Management;

5)Logistics vehicle management. 

6)Oil Tanker Monitoring and Management

4. Technical Parameter:



Overall Size

10.5*8.3*3.1 CM

Host Net Weight

0.24 KG

Communication Network


Communication Band





L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code

GPS Module


GPS Channel

20 channel

GPS Sensitivity


GPS Accuracy

5-30 Meters

Time To First Fix

Cold status: 45s

Warm status: 35s

Hot status: 1s

Processing Chip


Speed Limiting Scope

40-120 KM/H

Speed Limit Deviation


Mechanical Bearing Capacity


Working Voltage

DC 9V—36V

Rated Power Consumption


Working Current


Working Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Operating Humidity


 Economic Value and Social Utility 

1. Reduce much overspeed driving fines.
Chewushi intelligent vehicle speed limiter can help enterprises to strengthen the safe operating, manage the driver's driving behavior and reduce the fines caused by overspeed driving.

2. Help vehicles keep the economic speed, reduce the vehicle fuel consumption.
After intelligent speed limiter installed, the vehicle can drive in economy speed as much as possible. According to one vehicle can save 0.5 ~ 5 liters oil consumption per 100 km. The vehicle will drive 100,000 km per year at least, the oil price is 0.967 USD per liter calculated. One vehicle can save oil costs: 483.3 ~ 4833 USD per year. ( Refer to China market )

3. Saving vehicle maintenance cost.
According to the vehicle annual operating kilometrage is 100,000 kilometers , The maintenance cost is 161.1 USD per time per vehicle , one vehicke can saving maintenance costs 808.5 USD per year. ( Refer to China market )

4. Reduce vehicle management labour power consumption.
Intelligent vehicle speed limiter can help the government departments reduce the human and material cost for overpeed driving, so that they will have much time to do some other work.

5. Improve management efficiency and optimize resource allocation.
GPS vehicle monitoring system can well realize the real-time communication between the vehicle and the management center. It is much helpful to vehicle monitoring and management. Managers can make the best work plan through the strong system data, thus improving the team's working efficiency and the corparate resources utilization.

6. Reduce the traffic accident frequency and the traffic accident lose, protect people's life and property safety. 


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