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Chewushi Intelligent Vehicle Speed Limiter I

Type : KS100A

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Description :

The intelligent vehicle speed limiter is a intelligent speed limiting device with a variety of functions, such as differentiate time speed limiting, differentiate road speed limiting, differentiate load speed limiting and others speed limiting functions. It has advantages of flexible setting, multi-combinations limting, fuel saving, engine life prolonging, safe, reliable etc.  It is a unprecedented powerful vehicle intelligent speed limiter, is also a good vehicle management helper to control vehicle position. 

Why did Chewushi come into the world?

Do you and your family have fast driving habit? Do you worry about driving safety?
Do you feel that when  fatigue, anxiety, tension, it is difficult to keep the appropriate driving speed?
Do you find the slight carelessness  will lead to overspeed, the result has attracted large amount of tickets?
Do you and your family  work on driving big bus , tank truck, dump trucks, trucks, shipping garbage trucks, forklifts, logistics vehicles, dangerous goods transport or other industrial vehicles? or school bus, taxi, long-distance passenger cars and other civilian vehicles? Do you feel that the safety hazard with these big vehicles is particularly serious?

"Ten traffic accidents nine times overspeed,  overcrowding and overloading are also the main cause ." 
Chewush intelligent speed limiter  provides reliable protection for your travel security!

How to Realize Intelligent Speed Limit for Your Vehicle?

The intelligent  vehicle speed limiter is based on the road information and vehicle speed data from the satellite positioning system. If your vehicle has installed the speed limiter, the limiter will send the speed limit instruction to the driving computer to realize the intelligent speed limit function.

What is the Advantages of the Chewushi Intelligent Vehicle Speed Limiter?

 The Unprecedented Powerful Intelligent Speed Limit Function

1. Differentiate Road Intelligent Speed Limiting 
Limit the highest vehicle speed according to the current road speed limit value.Such as: if the current road speed limit value is 80 Km/h,the product can control the highest vehicle speed is within 0 ~ 80 Km/h. If the road limit value is 100 Km/h,the product can control the vehicle speed keep within 100 Km/h.
2. Differentiate Time Intelligent Speed Limiting 
Limit the highest vehicle speed according to different time period .                                                     
Such as: if you set the highest driving speed as 50Km/h from 2.00-5:00, and 80Km/h for the other time period. So this product can control the vehicle highest speed as 50Km/h from 2.00-5:00, and 80Km/h for the other time period as your order.
3. Differentiate Vehicle Type Intelligent Speed Limiting 
Limit the highest vehicle speed according to different vehicle type.
Such as: for high speed compact car ,limit within 120Km/h; for large vehicle, limit within 100Km/h; for dangerous goods transporter, limit within 60Km/h.
4. Differentiate Time Intelligent Speed Limiting

 Limit the highest vehicle speed according to different road type.
Such as: on high-speed road, speed limit within 120 100Km/h; for fast road, speed limit within 100 Km/h, State Road 60Km/h, county road limit 50Km/h, this product according to road speed limit.
5. Fixed Highest Speed Limiting

Can set only one highest driving speed for the vehicle.                     

Such as: According to the government regulations, some vehicle should not driving over 100Km/h(or any other appointed speed), the product can control the vehicle keep driving within 100Km/h(or any other appointed speed)

6. Speed limiting mode convertible: Vehicle management platform can converse the intelligent speed limit mode and fixed speed limit mode freely, thus can correct the driver's intended overspeed behavior timely.

Note: All the intelligent speed limit function need platform support, it means your platform must have a database contains the speed limit value of each road ,if not , we can only supply the fixed highest speed limiter for you, it means that we can only set one or two high speed limit vale in this product.

Beside Speed Limiting, Any Other Functions?

1. Vehicle Management

1) Driving state data record:
    a. Vehicle speed and state per minute in the course .
    b. The historical track of vehicle.
2) The statistical function of the drivers' overspeed times and the accumulative total speed limiting times;
3) The statistical function of the driver opening left-turn light and right-turn lights to overspeed times, help to management;
4) The statistical function of the drivers opening the  fault light to overspeed times, help to management;
5) The statistical function of total speed limting times , help to management.


2.  Traffic Accidents Prevention
Overspeed alarm and control the vehicle speed, when the vehicle speed exceeds the road speed limit value (speed limit can be set in the background), the device will broadcast warning sound, to remind the driver to slow down. If the driver is not slowing down, the device will start to control the vehicle speed.


3. Monitoring Function
1) All the data recorded by Chewushi speed limiter will be uploaded to the platform monitoring center through the GPRS network.It will be help to real-time monitoring and control the vehicle position whenever and wherever.
2) Users can download KsGps mobile App to get some useful function, such as, if you forget your vehicle's parking place in some cases, or your vehicle is driving by some other people and you do not know where it is now. Just open KsGps mobile App, you can find the vehicle's current position on the map of the phone. And the App will open the tracking navigation immediately for you. (Note: Keson official wechat name is: kesongpsbd . )


4. Traffic Accidents Analysis
Chewushi can record the accidents doubtful data, record vehicle's driving speed and the braking time, left- turn and right-turn signal etc. The main contents are as follows:
1) Parking time (Accurate to seconds);
2) Real-time speed value (km/h);
3) Real-time braking, left and right turning, door and horn state , etc..
The data above can be provided to the user and the traffic police in the form of table or curve according to the user's demand, so that the traffic accident can be analysed and processed by the traffic police department objectively and fairly.

3. Safe, Reliable and Flexible 
1) Controlled by intelligent chip, limit the speed with high precision, not affect the big throttle start nor the power torque, stable and reliable;
2) Only limit the maximum speed,the vehile will not stall during speed limiting ,and ensure the the throttle pedal free movement in the right speed range.
3) Self-check function: The speed limiter will make a self check when power on. After a "beep" sound, the device gets into normal working state;

4) Anti-interference function: The limiter has taken a lot of anti-interference measures in its hardware and software to ensurethe reliability of the record data;
5) The power cable has anti-shortcircuit design,  overcurrent protection circuit built in, strong stability;
6) The full floating structure design,  good anti-vibration performance;

7) Emergency or overtaking status, the limiter automatically gets into failure state;
8) If no GPS signal or speed limiter damaged, the speed limit mode can be automatically converted to a fixed speed limit mode;
9) With anti-dismantle alarm function, you can detect whether the product is working in normal state.


4. Easy installation and operation
1) Wide application. All the mechanical and electronic accelerator pedal and voltage 12V-24V vehicle can fit this limiter.
2) Smart and light, easy to install, electronic throttle vehicle special joint, not damage the original vehicle circuits.

3) Easy Maintenance , no mechanical contact, electronic control mechanical design features, once installed,no worry  anymore.The equipment software can be upgraded by platform remote operating, no need to do anything with the vehicle, no need to stop and wait, not affect the daily operation of the vehicle.

4)  Intelligent vehicle characteristic coefficient learning. in another word, the limiter parameter will be set up by the itself automatically after installed, which avoids the complicated operation and setting.
5) 24 hours after-sales service toll free hotline: 86 138 2886 9980. If any problems in use ,you can call the toll free service hotline, customer service staff will provide professional solutions for you for 24 hours.

6) Installation guide : Keson will supply the installation guide and remote installation training for customers. If single installation reaches 50 vehicles or above, and with friendly agreed, the company will send technicians to do free installation for customer.( Only in China)
7) Operating guide : Keson will provide operating procedures and remote operation guide service for customers. 


Application Field


 Economic Value and Social Utility 

1. Reduce much overspeed driving fines.
Chewushi intelligent vehicle speed limiter can help enterprises to strengthen the safe operating, manage the driver's driving behavior and reduce the fines caused by overspeed driving.

2. Help vehicles keep the economic speed, reduce the vehicle fuel consumption.
After intelligent speed limiter installed, the vehicle can drive in economy speed as much as possible. According to one vehicle can save 0.5 ~ 5 liters oil consumption per 100 km. The vehicle will drive 100,000 km per year at least, the oil price is 0.967 USD per liter calculated. One vehicle can save oil costs: 483.3 ~ 4833 USD per year. ( Refer to China market )

3. Saving vehicle maintenance cost.
According to the vehicle annual operating kilometrage is 100,000 kilometers , The maintenance cost is 161.1 USD per time per vehicle , one vehicke can saving maintenance costs 808.5 USD per year. ( Refer to China market )

4. Reduce vehicle management labour power consumption.
Intelligent vehicle speed limiter can help the government departments reduce the human and material cost for overpeed driving, so that they will have much time to do some other work.

5. Improve management efficiency and optimize resource allocation.
GPS vehicle monitoring system can well realize the real-time communication between the vehicle and the management center. It is much helpful to vehicle monitoring and management. Managers can make the best work plan through the strong system data, thus improving the team's working efficiency and the corparate resources utilization.

6. Reduce the traffic accident frequency and the traffic accident lose, protect people's life and property safety. 


The Most Popular Vehicle Satellite Navigation Industry Brand Products

Processing Chip: ARM

Communication Module: GSM/CDMA

Working Environment Temperature: -35 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius, relative humidity is less than 90%

Application Road:  level and  level standard above with the highway

Speed Limit Range: 40-120km/h

Speed Limit Error: + 5km/h

Bearing Capacity: not less than 400N

Working Voltage: 9-36V

Low temperature Resistance: -40

High temperature Resistance: 85

Anti-vibration Performance Index: Frequency 20-50Hz, Acceleration 1g

Electromagnetic Compatibility: Anti-multiple burst up to 4000V

Rated Power: 10W

Overall Size: 155 x 47 x 91 (mm)

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