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Intelligent Electronic Student Card user manual

Type : KS-T2

price : 0.00

Description :

KS T2 Intelligent Electronic Student Card user manual



Please read the manual of the Judicial Watch carefully before use, so as to install and use it in a correct and easy manner. Due to software upgrades, some functional may be adjusted, please refer to the real products.

1.Product introduction


Product parameter





Network system



Key definition

1/2/3/4 family number shortcut key,SOS;

SIM type



Turn on and off the custom ring, time the time

Call format

Answer / dial a voice call

 Location mode


Display mode

Caller ID, time/ date display



1.1Key and Interface Definitions

Power on/off key:Long press 4 key 3 seconds switch, plug-in card network state can not manually shut down, can only send remote shutdown instructions at the APP end;

Deblocking:First press the 1 key, and then press the 4 key to unlock;

Lock:Short press 4 key to lock;

SOS key:Press 3 seconds to dial the SOS number (only alarm messages are sent if the SOS number is not set);

Button 1:Short press switching time and date interface, short press switch normal and hands-free mode (screen wake-up state), long press the first family number in the call APP phone book;

Button 2:press the second family number in the APP phone book for a short press.

Button 3:Press the third family number in the APP phone book for a long time;

Button 4: press the fourth family number in the call APP phone book.

1.2 Start using

Step 1Buy the right SIM Card

  Please purchase China Mobile standard nano-SIM card and open GSM/GPRS service.

Step 2: Start-up Networking

  Press key 4 for 3 seconds to see if you read the SIM card (signal bar and G network icon appear on the student card screen). If there is no signal bar, the SIM card is not installed, and if there is no G icon, the SIM card is not available.

Step 3: Download APP and bind the device number

  Download "beehome" APP, to register and log in,Bind the IMEI number corresponding to the student ID card, and the APP operation refers to the APP description below.

1.3 functionality

(1) the GSM/GPRS communication module is built into the ID card to realize the data interaction.

(2) call function: the student ID card supports 4 family number buttons and 1 SOS button to realize family interaction and emergency help.

(3) call restrictions: only numbers in the APP phone book can call in and refuse to harass.

(4) the student ID card has the function of multi-module positioning, and the positioning priority is WIFI/GPS/LBS.

(5) Display screen: display date and time, SIM card signal, power.

(6) Voice time: broadcast current time.

(7) Electric quantity monitoring: the information of the student card can be uploaded at the same time when the position information is reported regularly.

(8) Real-time positioning, historical track, electronic fence.

(9) upload interval: APP can set timing location upload interval.

(10) remote shutdown: APP can issue instructions to shut down remotely.

(11) Voice monitoring: after APP enables monitoring, it can help parents pay attention to the situation around their children in a timely manner. There is no acousto-optic prompt for smart student ID card when monitoring.

(12) looking for equipment: after the APP sends the instruction, the student will ring the bell, can press 4 keys to cancel the ringtone.

(13) low power alarm: low power alarm information will be uploaded at low voltage so that it can be charged in a timely manner.

(14) offline alarm: the student ID card did not interact with the background for more than 30 minutes, and an offline alarm message was sent to the APP.

2.Introduction to APP

2.1 Open the IOS or android mobile app market and search "beehome" APP, or scan the following QR codes for download:


2.2 Registration account: open APP, in the login interface click on the registration account, registration successful login into the add device page.


2.3 Bind device: scan or manually enter IMEI, to jump to role selection (device not bound) or verify (device is bound), click next to complete the add and go to the APP home page.


2.4 APP Home: you can view the data uploaded by devices:


2.5 Location: click on the map on the home page to view the location of the device;

Playback: enter the Playback interface, click the date setting to view the Playback time, click set to select the way to view the track;

Electronic fence: enter the interface, click on the upper-right corner + add the fence, set the address and fence range, click on the upper-right corner when finished .


2.6 more: click to enter to perform related function operations.  


2.7 phone book (family number function): four family keys on the first four numbers of the phone book corresponding to the device, and have the whitelist function. The number not added to the phone book will be restricted by the call and cannot call the student ID card.            

2.8 Switch, unbind, or add device: the operation displays as follows, click on the switch device option on the home page, enter the list of devices, you can choose to unbind the device or add a new device.





3.after service

3.1 After the user buys the product, according to the domestic electronic product general standard, gives the quality assurance and the after-sales service.

3.2 The products sold are free of charge within 12 months, life-long maintenance, human damage and damage caused by unspecified use are not included in this list, and only material cost fee is charged for maintenance.   


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