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    Chewushi, vehicle intelligent security brand, was born on October 19th, 2012, created by Mr. Buke, the general manager of Shenzhen Keson Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.  In 2014, Chewushi launched a unprecedented powerful vehicle intelligent speed limiter. This invention won the National Patent, and was  awarded " The Most Popular Vehicle Satellite Navigation Industry Brand Products" in 2015, the Tenth China Satellite Navigation Operators Conference.


     The intelligent vehicle speed limiter is a intelligent speed limiting device with a variety of functions, such as differentiate time speed limiting, differentiate road speed limiting, differentiate load speed limiting and others speed limiting functions. It has advantages of flexible setting, multi-combinations limting, fuel saving, engine life prolonging, safe, reliable etc.  It is a unprecedented powerful vehicle intelligent speed limiter, is also a good vehicle management helper to control vehicle position.


Specifically, the intelligent vehicle speed limiter has the following main functions:

The unprecedented powerful intelligent speed limiting function:

    1. Cloud data system;

    2. Accurate intelligent speed limiting;

    3. Differentiate road speed limit;

    4. Differentiate time speed limit;

    5. Differentiate load speed limiting;

    6. Compulsory speed limiting;

    7. Multi-combinations speed limiting;

    8. Speed limit mode convertible.


In addition to intelligent speed limit, Chewushi speed limiter has these following functions:

    1. Vehicle team management;

    2. Traffic accident prevention;

    3. Vehicle remote monitoring;

    4. Traffic accidents Analysis.


More than that, Chewushi intelligent speed limiter also has the advantages of safe, reliable and easy operating etc.

So, what is the economic value and social utility of Chewushi intelligent  vehicle speed limiter ?

1. Reduce much overspeed driving fines.
Chewushi intelligent vehicle speed limiter can help enterprises to strengthen the safe operating, manage the driver's driving behavior and reduce the fines caused by overspeed driving.

2. Help vehicles keep the economic speed, reduce the vehicle fuel consumption.
After intelligent speed limiter installed, the vehicle can drive in economy speed as much as possible. According to one vehicle can save 0.5 ~ 5 liters oil consumption per 100 km. The vehicle will drive 100,000 km per year at least, the oil price is 0.967 USD per liter calculated. One vehicle can save oil costs: 483.3 ~ 4833 USD per year. ( Refer to China market )

3. Saving vehicle maintenance cost
According to the vehicle annual operating kilometrage is 100,000 kilometers , The maintenance cost is 161.1 USD per time per vehicle , one vehicke can saving maintenance costs 808.5 USD per year. ( Refer to China market )

4. Reduce vehicle management labour power consumption
Intelligent vehicle speed limiter can help the government departments reduce the human and material cost for overpeed driving, so that they will have much time to do some other work.

5. Improve management efficiency and optimize resource allocation
GPS vehicle monitoring system can well realize the real-time communication between the vehicle and the management center. It is much helpful to vehicle monitoring and management. Managers can make the best work plan through the strong system data, thus improving the team's working efficiency and the corparate resources utilization.


Mr.Buke, the general manager of Shenzhen Keson Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Keson’s target is simple and firm. It is: ' Cherish life, make a good product to provide effective protection for our safe driving !'  To achieve this goal, we are always focusing on the product, insist the positive energy! In the past two years, our road is full of hardships, but we got to know many friends, received a lot of support, government support, operators trust, media attention, a number of partners, their generous help! Thank you very much! we will firmly insist good products, to do better and better!"

Chewushi products includes intelligent vehicle speed limiter KS100A, vehicle tracker KS168, multi-function tracker KS668, personal tracker KS106, motorcycle tracker KS108 etc. Because of  strong performance and reliable quality , these products received warmly welcome by customers.


Chewushi Brand logo 

Chewushi logo consists of dark blue circle and yellow stars.

The dark blue circle means technology and space, the yellow stars means the satellite navigation industry.

In chinese,"Chewushi" means "safe", "prosperous" and "achieve". That is also the Keson's sincere wishes to users.

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